End User License Agreement

The "End User License Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") is the agreement with legal force between you (natural person, legal person or any other organization) and Beijing Rising Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Rising Company) which is the copyright owner of Rising computer security software products (hereinafter referred to as “the Product” or “the Software Product”). The Agreement applies to any software, documents which concerned with the Software Product, as well as subsequent release and update of the Software Product. Before you start using the Software Product, please must to read and understand the Agreement and, accept the Agreement.

1. Definition

1.1 "The Product" or "the Software Product" refers to:

Anti-Virus software products which are manufactured or distributed by Rising Company, as well as conform national standard and industry standard, including but not limited to Rising Internet Security, Rising Antivirus, Rising Personal Firewall, Rising PC Doctor, and Rising Account Secure, etc.

1.2 "Use" here refers to functional usage of the Product as document accessing, installation, download, copy or any other methods.

1.3 “Purpose” here refers to restriction and scopes while you using the Product. Purpose of the Product varies from the Rising software product you have purchased, for example, the “Personal Edition” which is identified on User Card and Product License means only personal usage is available. Without written authorization from Rising Company, you must not take the Product into impersonal or commercial purpose.

2.Software Product Authorization

2.1 Scope of Authorization

Each authorization of the Product must be only used on one operating system of one computer device at the same time. Meanwhile, without written authorization from Rising Company, you must not rent out, lend, sub-license, or copy the Product altogether or partly to other computer of whom users do not have Rising Company authorization.

2.2 Distribution and Copying

In case of purchase of 2 and above authorization licenses of the Product, you can distribute the Product authorization license to any other third party. While you distribute the Product authorization to third party under conditions and terms of the Agreement, please ensure the integrity and authenticity of the Product and, provide all materials and information which concerned with the Product, including but not limited to software of the Product, electronic document, copy right, trademark, the Agreement, and so on. Meanwhile, you must guarantee the third party you distributed shall accept and observe the Agreement.

For the purpose of backup or file management, you are allowed to create a copy of the Product, but you must not install or use the copy on any other computer. Without written authorization from Rising Company, you must not rent out, lend, or transfer the copy to any individuals who do not purchase the Product.

2.3 Transfer

While matching situations below at the same time, you can transfer the right of using the Product to others:

(a), You must transfer the Agreement, the Product, and other software or hardware which integrated or pre-installed with the Product (include but not limited to all copies, update version and previous version) together to others;

(b), You must preserve any materials and information concerned with the Product, including but not limited to the Product backup, duplicate, and copy, etc.

(c), The assignee accepts the terms and conditions of the Agreement, as well as any other terms and conditions you have accepted while purchasing the Product legally.

3, After-Sale Service

Within fifteen (15) days after purchase, you must check the Product carefully; in case of unavailable for usage which caused by abnormal storage media, you should return the Product together with purchase credential back to appointed location of Rising Company within thirty (30) days. After detection and verification, Rising Company shall take the responsibility for exchanging the Product for you under conditions of alteration. In addition, Rising Company will not take any responsibility for unavailable product which caused by other reasons apart from the Product itself.

4. Guarantee

4.1 Rising Company guarantees that the Product meets the performance requirements as stated in the product manual.

4.2 Rising Company does not undertake any responsibility for any commercial or adaptability purpose usage of the Product.

4.3 Rising Company does not guarantee that there is no error in the Product or; that the Product can be run uninterruptedly. Rising Company does not guarantee that the efficiency of the Product on any computer and under any situation.

4.4 Rising Company must be the only owner of intellectual property concerned with the Agreement, including but not limited to the Product, duplicates or copies of the Product which created under written authorization from Rising Company, Rising Company name, trademark, patent, copyright, business secret, as well as other related intellectual properties. Far away from rights stated in the Agreement, you must not take any methods of using Rising Company’s intellectual property without written authorization. Meanwhile, you must guarantee that you will not take any method to find the Product source code out, for example, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, and other methods that can trace the Product program code.

4.5 As to any secret materials and information provided by Rising Company or obtained by yourself, including but not limited to the Product, technique, customer, business plan, marketing activities, as well as other related information (hereinafter referred to as “Confidential Information” ), you must guarantee that you shall take into usage under the terms and conditions of the Agreement, and do not disclose, reveal, assign, and transfer the Confidential Information to any other third parties.

5. Personal Privacy Protection and Disclaimer

With the performance of Rising Cloud Security, the Product provides you efficient and convenient information security protection services. With user’s consent and acknowledge, and together with authorization from the user, the Product shall be allowed to transfer data of local computers to Rising Cloud Security Data Center. The data here refers to the data which is gathered up by the component of Rising Cloud Security and, includes suspicious files, malicious hyperlink, operation log of the Product, etc. Rising Cloud Security Data Center guarantees that the data will not involve any privacy information of computer user, such as name, telephone number, address, E-mail, virtual account, and private documents, charts, picture, and video.

5.1 Personal Privacy Protection

The Product does not contain any program code aiming at destroying data of computer and obtaining user’s privacy information, no function for tracking, monitoring the user’s computer devices; nor any program code that monitors the users’ online and offline behavior or, any program code aiming at collect computer software, documents, and other privacy information. That is to say, the Product must not have any function aiming at collect computer user’s private information. The user join in the Rising Cloud Security means that the user permits the Product to carry out the following operations for the purpose of providing necessary data and information to the Rising Cloud Security Data Center:

(1), Report detected suspicious documents;

(2), Check files security status;

(3), Automatically submit anti-virus report;

(4), Automatically submit suspicious hyperlink;

(5), Submit logs or program of network attacks interception and outbound attack defense;

(6), Submit computer users’ experience and improvement suggestions;

(7), Submit error and abnormal logs of the Product in processing and operation.

The data and information which are uploaded from the User to the Rising Cloud Security Data Center must only be used for virus analysis and online threatens trend analysis, and improvement on relevant function of the Product. Meanwhile, Rising Company promises the security of the data and information provided by the User to Rising Cloud Security Data Center. Rising Company must take varieties of security technical measures to protect the data and information away from being accessed without permission and, being used or being divulged without authorization.

Along with update of the functions of the Product, Rising Company reserves the right of refreshing and adjusting the terms and conditions in connection with privacy protection of the Product while necessary. Any refreshed and adjusted terms and conditions will be published on the website of Rising Company (http://www.rising-global.com) as announcement. The refreshed and adjusted terms and conditions, once being published, must replace the original terms and conditions.

5.2 Disclaimer

You must use the Product accurately in accordance with the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement, as well as product description.

Rising Company does not guarantee that the Product is effective for all existing malicious programs, Trojan viruses and Rogueware, as well as the potential ones in the future.

No matter stare the Agreement or not, Rising Company dose not undertake any liability for damage of direct loss or indirect loss (include but not limited to loss of business profits, business interruption, business information, documents, data loss or other economic loss.), under any situation of working with the Product or, without the Product.

6. Termination

If you failed to comply with any provision of the Agreement, Rising Company has the right to terminate your permission in using of the Software Product at any time. After the termination of permission, you must immediately dismantle all materials and documents which concerned with the Products or, return them to Rising Company; the materials and documents include but not limited to the Product original files, duplicates, and accessories, etc.

7, Responsibilities of Default

7.1 You must fulfill obligations which are stated on the Agreement, violation must be deemed to be default. In case of default, Rising Company reserves the right of breach penalty; if the breach penalty can not cover the loss which caused by your default, Rising Company has the right of asking compensating the balance.

7.2 Without written authorization from Rising Company, you must not rent out, lend, sub-license, or copy the Product altogether or partly to other computer users who do not have Rising Company authorization; as well as other methods which do not allowed in the Agreement; if not, you must compensate for the loss which Rising Company suffered arising from your default.

8, Dispute Resolution

The Agreement is governed by the Laws of the People's Republic of China. In the event of any dispute arising between you and Rising Company on the related issues of the Software, both you and Rising Company reserve the right to prosecute litigation in the People's Court of Haidian District, Beijing.

9, Others

9.1 The Agreement must take effect on the date of purchase; purchase date subjects to the date which state on purchase invoice.

9.2 If you have any questions on the Agreement, or want to additional information from Rising Company, please contact Rising Company at the contact address below.

Address: Room 1408, Zhongke Building, No. 22, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Postal Code: 100190

Website: http://www.rising-global.com

Tel: 400-660-8866 (free charge)

   010-82678800 (pay telephone)

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